Dr Chris Davey

BSc, PhD

Dr Chris Davey

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in population genomics


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My first degree was in zoology and microbiology and my PhD in biophysics (biological dielectrics). I wrote, got and did two Wellcome Trust fellowships in the area of linear and non-linear dielectric spectroscopy of human blood. I have taught at secondary school, taught a substantial part of the foundation year course in IBERS as well as part of the 1st year biochemistry course. I have successfully supervised PhD students in biophysics and plant math modelling/machine learning and currently I am supervising two students working in the area of fermentation instrumentation/monitoring. My research has encompassed both bench work and theoretical studies. Outside academia I have worked for both small and multinational companies and have freelanced as a consultant and computer programmer. I have studied fine art at first year undergraduate level and am an exhibiting artist and published poet.


My current research interests include biofuel crops, math modelling of plants, applications of machine learning, flow cytometry, dielectrics (particularly applied to the development of novel instrumentation) and quantitative genetics and genomics.

Research Groups

  • Crop Genomics


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