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Analysis of the rumen microbiome and metabolome to study the effect of an antimethanogenic treatment applied in early life of kid goatsAbecia, L., Martinez Fernandez, G., Waddams, K., Martín-García, A. I., Pinloche, E., Creevey, C., Denman, S. E., Newbold, C. J. & Yáñez-Ruiz, D. R. 2018 In : Frontiers in Microbiology.9, 2227
Addressing global ruminant agricultural challenges through understanding the rumen microbiome: Past, present and futureHuws, S. A., Creevey, C., Oyama, L. B., Mizrahi, I., Denman, S. E., Popova, M., Munoz-tamayo, R., Forano, E., Waters, S. M., Hess, M., Tapio, I., Smidt, H., Krizsan, S., Yanez-Ruiz, D. R., Belanche, A., Guan, L. L., Gruninger, R. J., McAllister, T., Newbold, J., Roehe, R., Dewhurst, R. J., Snelling, T. J., Watson, M., Suen, G., Hart, E., Kingston-Smith, A., Scollan, N., Do Prado, R. M., Pilau, E., Mantovani, H. C., Attwood, G. T., Edwards, J. E., McEwan, N., Morrison, S., Mayorga, O., Elliott, C. & Morgavi, D. P. 2018 In : Frontiers in Microbiology.9, 2161
Meta-proteomics of rumen microbiota indicates niche compartmentalisation and functional dominance in a limited number of metabolic pathways between abundant bacteriaHart, E., Creevey, C. J., Hitch, T. & Kingston-Smith, A. 2018 In : Scientific Reports.8, 10504
Asessment of Cultured Ex Vivo Equine Endometrial Explants as a Model of Uterine Inflammation Using Transcriptome ProfilesDe Barros, M. R. M., Davies-Morel, M., Creevey, C. & Nash, D. 2018 In : Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.66, p. 1481 p.
CowPI: A rumen microbiome focussed version of the PICRUSt functional inference softwareWilkinson, T., Huws, S., Edwards, J. E., Kingston-Smith, A., Siu-Ting, K., Hughes, M., Rubino, F., Friedersdorff, M. & Creevey, C. 2018 In : Frontiers in Microbiology.9, 1095
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