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Mrs Charly Morgan

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An evaluation of the genetic relationships between the Hill Dartmoor and the registered Dartmoor Pony BreedHegarty, M., McElhinney, N., Ham, E. R., Potter, C., Winton, C. L. & McMahon, R. 2017
Assessment of Genetic Relationship between Six Populations of Welsh Mountain Sheep using Microsatellite MarkersHuson, K. M., Haresign, W., Hegarty, M., Blackmore, T., Potter, C. & McEwan, N. 2015 In : Czech Journal of Animal Science.60, 5, p. 216-2238 p.
Phylogeographic relationships between native pony populations of Britain and IrelandWinton, C. L., Hegarty, M. J., Slavov, G. T., McEwan, N. R., Davies-Morel, M. C. G., Potter, C., Powell, W. & Nash, D. M. 2012
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