Dr Cate Williams


Dr Cate Williams

Post-Doctoral Research Associate - Ser Cymru II

Department of Life Sciences

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Post-doctoral research associate at the Ser Cymru Centre of Excellence for Bovine Tuberculosis.

Cate's current project investigates the population structure of Mycobacterium bovis in Wales using whole genome sequencing and molecular microbiology. 

Cate has previously worked as a KE fellow for Farming Connect and as a lecturer for IBERS-DL. 


Cate currently works in the field of bovine tuberculosis, the project encompasses epidemiology, bioinformatics, molecular microbial genetics and classic microbiology centring on Mycobacteria sp..

Cate received her PhD in 2019 which investigated the role of the protozoa in ruminal metabolism, focussing on carbohydrate-active enzymes. This project used meta-omic techniques alongside molecular and microbiology to deliver some of the first in-depth bioinformatic characterisation of the rumen protozoa.

In 2014, Cate achieved an MPhil examining the role of bacteria in ruminal lipid metabolism and in 2013 received her BSc Biology (hons) from Aberystwyth University.

Cate qualified as a Fellow with the Higher Education Academy by completing her PGCTHE in 2019.

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  • Monday 09:00-17:30
  • Tuesday 09:00-17:30
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  • Friday 09:00-16:00


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