Mrs Emma Timms-Taravella

Mrs Emma Timms-Taravella

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da Costa, R, Simister, R, Roberts, L, Timms-Taravella, E, Cambler, A, Corke, F, Han, J, Ward, R, Buckeridge, M, Gomez, LD & Bosch, M 2018, 'Nutrient and drought stress: Implications for phenology and biomass quality in miscanthus', Annals of Botany.
Purdy, S, Maddison, A, Nunn, C, Winters, A, Timms-Taravella, E, Jones, C, Clifton-Brown, J, Donnison, I & Gallagher, J 2017, 'Could Miscanthus replace maize as the preferred substrate for anaerobic digestion in the United Kingdom? Future breeding strategies', GCB Bioenergy, vol. 9, no. 6, pp. 1122-1139.
Gallagher, JA, Cairns, AJ, Thomas, D, Timms-taravella, E, Skot, K, Charlton, A, Williams, P & Turner, LB 2015, 'Fructan synthesis, accumulation and polymer traits. II: Fructan pools in populations of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) with variation for water-soluble carbohydrate and candidate genes were not correlated with biosynthetic activity and demonstrated constraints to polymer chain extension', Frontiers in Plant Science, vol. 6, 864.
Buanafina, MMDO, Dalton, S, Langdon, T, Timms-Taravella, E, Shearer, EA & Morris, P 2015, 'Functional co-expression of a fungal ferulic acid esterase and a β-1, 4 endoxylanase in Festuca arundinacea (tall fescue) modifies post-harvest cell wall deconstruction', Planta, vol. 242, no. 1, pp. 97-111.
Bryant, D, Morris, SM, Gallagher, J, Winters, A, Donnison, I, Morris, P, Harding, G, Timms-Taravella, E, Thomas, D & Leemans, D Feb. 13 2014, Bioethanol from grass, Patent No. WO2014023978A3.
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