Dr Hefin Williams

Dr Hefin Williams

Lecturer in Agricultural Environment

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Detection of Galba truncatula, Fasciola hepatica and Calicophoron daubneyi environmental DNA within water sources on pasture land, a future tool for fluke control?Jones, R., Brophy, P., Davis, C., Davies, T., Emberson, H., Rees Stevens, P. & Williams, H., 2018 , In : Parasites & Vectors.11, 342.
The prevalence and development of digenean parasites within their intermediate snail host, Galba truncatula, in a geographic area where the presence of Calicophoron daubneyi has recently been confirmedJones, R., Williams, H., Dalesman, S., Sinmidele, A., Thomas, R. & Brophy, P., 2017 , In : Veterinary Parasitology.240, p. 68-74
Prevalence of rumen fluke (Calicophoron daubneyi) in cattle herds, sheep flocks and in intermediate snail host, G. truncatula, on Welsh farmsJones, R., Williams, H. & Brophy, P., 2017 , In : Advances in Animal Biosciences.8, 1, p. 66
Rumen fluke Calicophoron daubneyi on Welsh farms: Prevalence, risk factors, and observations on co-infection with Fasciola hepaticaJones, R., Brophy, P., Mitchell, E. S. & Williams, H., 2017 , In : Parasitology.144, 2, p. 237-24711 p.
Challenges and priorities for modelling livestock health and pathogens in the context of climate changeÖzkan, Ş., Vitali, A., Lacetera, N., Amon, B., Bannink, A., Bartley, D. J., Blanco-penedo, I., De Haas, Y., Dufrasne, I., Elliott, J., Eory, V., Fox, N. J., Garnsworthy, P. C., Gengler, N., Hammami, H., Kyriazakis, I., Leclère, D., Lessire, F., Macleod, M., Robinson, T. P., Ruete, A., Sandars, D. L., Shrestha, S., Stott, A. W., Twardy, S., Vanrobays, M-L., Ahmadi, B. V., Weindl, I., Wheelhouse, N., Williams, A. G., Williams, H. W., Wilson, A. J., Østergaard, S. & Kipling, R. P., 2016 , In : Environmental Research.151, p. 130-14414 p.
Confirmation of Galba truncatula as an intermediate host snail for Calicophoron daubneyi in Great Britain, with evidence of alternative snail species hosting Fasciola hepaticaJones, R., Williams, H., Dalesman, S. & Brophy, P., 2015 , In : Parasites & Vectors.8, 656, 4 p.
Climate suitability for European ticks: assessing species distribution models against null models and projection under AR5 climateWilliams, H., Cross, D., Crump, H. L., Drost, C. & Thomas, C., 2015 , In : Parasites & Vectors.8, 440, 15 p.
Contrasts between the cryoconite and ice-marginal bacterial communities of Svalbard glaciers: Bacterial communities of Svalbard glaciersEdwards, A., Rassner, S. M., Anesio, A. M., Worgan, H. J., Irvine-Fynn, T. D., Williams, H. W., Sattler, B. & Griffith, G. W., 2013 , In : Polar Research.32, 19468.
Sicrhau argaeledd cynnyrch cil gnowyr o'r ansawdd orau mewn modd effethlonHuws, S. A., Griffith, G. W., Edwards, J. E., Williams, H. W., James, W. P., Owen, I. G. & Kingston-Smith, A. H., 2013 , In : Gwerddon.13, p. 10-28
Darogan cyfraniadau rhewlifoedd olaf Eryri i gylchredoedd carbon Cyfnod y Dryas Diweddaraf ar sail modelau amrwd o ecosystemau rhewlifol y cyfnod hwyr-rewlifolEdwards, A., Rassner, S. M., Irvine-Fynn, T. D., Williams, H. W. & Griffith, G. W., 2012 , In : Gwerddon.12, p. 53-79
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