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Genetic-geographic correlation revealed across a broad European ecotypic sample of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) using array-based SNP genotypingBlackmore, T., Thomas, I., McMahon, R., Powell, W. & Hegarty, M., 2015 , In : Theoretical and Applied Genetics.128, 10, p. 1917-193216 p.
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A study of the naturally occurring xFestulolium hybrid - xFestulolium loliaceum and its progenyHarper, J. A., Gasior, D., King, J., King, I. P., Thomas, I. D. & Humphreys, M. W., 2010 .
Improving germ-plasm regeneration methods for perennial European forage speciesHinton-Jones, M., Thomas, I. D., Marshall, A. H., Dhanoa, M. S., Marum, P., Sevcikova, M., Sramek, P., de Sousa, M. M. T. & Nielson, N. C. H., 2009 .
Association and introgression mapping of quantitative traits in Lolium perenne: flowering time, forage quality and abiotic stress toleranceSkot, L., Thorogood, D., Armstead, I. P., Humphreys, J., Sanderson, R., Thomas, I. D., Gallagher, J. A., Turner, L. B., Humphreys, M. W. & Humphreys, M. O., 2008 , p. W169.
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