Prof Iain Donnison


Prof Iain Donnison



Head of Department - Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences

Department of Life Sciences

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Professor Iain Donnison is head of the Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences (IBERS). He is a plant and environmental scientist with expertise in temperate and tropical grasses. His work focuses on environmental stress, and strategies for adaptation to, and mitigation of, climate change. He is co-ordinator of the BBSRC Core Strategic Programme in Resilient  Crops, Director of the pan Wales BEACON Biorefining Centre, Topic Lead for Resources in the UKRI Supergen Bioenergy Hub, and leads the UKRI Perennial Biomass Crops for Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrator. He is committed to work with industry and policymakers so that academic research is translated to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits. He was a member of the Committee for Climate Change (CCC) advisory groups for reports on Biomass in a low carbon economy (2018) and Land Use (2020), and is a member of the NFU’s academic advisory group on Net Zero.

Research Groups

  • Conservation and management of natural resources
  • Crops for sustainable energy and materials


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