Dr Jim Provan

PhD, BSc

Dr Jim Provan

Reader in Biological Science

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My current research is primarily concerned with the evolutionary responses of natural populations to global change. This ranges from using phylogeographic approaches to elucidate the response of species to previous climatic changes through the Ice Ages, through population genetic analyses of the impacts of present-day climate change on populations, to using next-generation sequencing (NGS) approaches to determine the potential for populations to respond to future climate change. I also carry out work in conservation genetics to inform management strategies for rare and threatened species.


Evidence for facultative protocarnivory in Capsella bursa-pastoris seedsRoberts, H. R., Warren, J. & Provan, J. 2018 In : Scientific Reports.8, 10120
Phylogenomic inference in extremis: : A case study with mycoheterotroph plastomesLam, V. K. Y., Darby, H., Merckx, V. S. F. T., Lim, G., Yukawa, T., Neubig, K. M., Abbott, J. R., Beatty, G. E., Provan, J., Gomez, M. S. & Graham, S. W. 2018 In : American Journal of Botany.105, 3, p. 1-1515 p.
Cryptic species and parallel genetic structuring in Lethrinid fish: Implications for conservation and management in the southwest Indian OceanHealey, A. J. E., McKeown, N., Taylor, A. L., Provan, J., Sauer, W., Gouws, G. & Shaw, P. 2018 In : Ecology and Evolution.
Low genetic diversity and potential inbreeding in an isolated population of alder buckthorn (Frangula alnus) following a founder effectFinlay, C., Bradley, C., Preston, J. & Provan, J. 2017 In : Scientific Reports.7, 3010
Using MiddRAD-seq data to develop polymorphic microsatellite markers for an endangered yew speciesQin, H-T., Yang, G-Q., Provan, J., Liu, J. & Gao, L-M. 2017 In : Plant Diversity.
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