Dr John Scullion


Dr John Scullion


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  • Disturbed/contaminated soils.
    • Carbon-nitrogen cycling and long-term effects of earthworm activity in former mine soils.
    • Impact of metals on microbial processes. Potential of phytoremediation for reducing soil metal and hydrocarbon concentrations.
    • Organic/ecological farming systems and soil processes.
    • Infectivity and efficiency of VA mycorrhizal fungi.
    • Earthworm-VA mycorrhizal fungi interactions. Earthworm population dynamics in conventional and organic arable rotations.
    • Soil ecology relationships to soil function. Impacts of climate change on soil ecology.
    • Chemometric and metabolomic approaches to the assessment of soil quality.
    • Biological treatment of wastewaters.


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Expression of FlHMA3, a vacuolar P1B2-ATPase from Festulolium loliaceum, correlates with response to cadmium stressGuo, Q., Meng, L., Humphreys, M. W., Scullion, J. & Mur, L. A. J., 2017 , In : Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.112, p. 270-2778 p.
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