Prof Jon Moorby

BA (Oxon), PhD (Glasgow)

Prof Jon Moorby

Chair in Livestock Science

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I am Chair in Livestock Science and IBERS' Director of International Research.  My research interest is improving the use of feed nutrients for efficient livestock production: farming to make use of feeds that people cannot eat to produce foods that people can eat, while minimising the environmental impact of the processes.

  • Use of forages for improved livestock production

  • Short and long term effects of reducing protein intake of growing and lactating dairy cattle on immediate and subsequent productivity

  • Dietary manipulation to reduce methane emissions from ruminant animals

  • Sustainable intensification of forage-based production systems

  • Improvement of temperate and tropical forages for improved farmer livelihoods



I am PI and CO-I on a number of UK and international research projects in Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, and South America, including:

  • Lipigrass - breeding ryegrass with increased lipids, funded by BBSRC, Germinal, and HCC
  • RCUK-CIAT Newton Fund - tropical forage-based diets for Colombian cattle, with CIAT and Bangor
  • Cleaner Cows - an NRN-LCEE project to reduce environmental impacts of cattle production, with Bangor and Cardiff
  • CowficieNcy - an EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie RISE programme to improve cattle N use efficiency, with partners in the EU and the US
  • AC0122 - a Defra project to reduce protein intakes of growing and lactating dairy cows, with Reading, SRUC, Rothamsted and BC3
  • PeaGen - a BBSRC-funded LINK project breeding and using novel peas for sustainable livestock production


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