Dr Karen Siu Ting

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr Karen Siu Ting

Visiting Staff

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Dr. Siu-Ting is a Peruvian biologist and herpetologist. She recently obtained a Marie Curie cofund postdoctoral fellowship to carry out research in IBERS and DCU, Ireland. Her postdoctoral project focuses on transcriptomics and metagenomics of anurans to understand toxic sequestration from diet. Her PhD, focused on large-scale phylogenetic methods incorporating novel genetic and genomic data from traditional and NGS techniques in the amphibian tree of life, carried out jointly at NUI Maynooth and the Natural History Museum, London.

Her previous work at the Natural History Museum in Lima, Peru, includes extensive fieldwork as well as the use of barcoding techniques for assessing cryptic amphibian species, discoveries of new species and analyzing the diversity and conservation status of Peruvian amphibians and reptiles.

She obtained her MSc and BSc from San Marcos University in Lima, Peru.

Additional Information

ELEVATE IRC - Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow.


Research interests include:

  • Transcriptomic and metagenomic analyses in amphibians.
  • Large-scale phylogenetics, evolution and taxonomy of amphibians.
  • Assessing cryptic amphibian species using barcoding techniques.
  • Diversity and conservation status of Peruvian amphibians and reptiles.