Dr Kevin Williams

B.Sc. (Hatfield: Chemistry)

B.Sc. (Open: Economics & Mathematical Sciences)

Ph.D. (Aberystwyth: Active Learning for Drug Discovery)

Dr Kevin Williams

Senior Glasshouse and Mechatronics Technician


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National Plant Phenomics Centre: developing models and methods for high-throughput plant phenotyping.



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Calderwood, A, Lloyd, A, Hepworth, J, Tudor, EH, Jones, DM, Woodhouse, S, Bilham, L, Chinoy, C, Williams, K, Corke, F, Doonan, JH, Ostergaard, L, Irwin, JA, Wells, R & Morris, RJ 2021, 'Total FLC transcript dynamics from divergent paralogue expression explains flowering diversity in Brassica napus', New Phytologist, vol. 229, no. 6, pp. 3534-3548. 10.1111/nph.17131
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