Prof Mariecia Fraser


Prof Mariecia Fraser

Professor in Upland Agroecosystems


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Head, Pwllpeiran Upland Research Centre

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Member, Natural England Scientific Advisory Committee (2018-present)

Member, Hybu Cig Cymru Research and Knowledge Exchange Advisory Committee (2018-present). 

Council member, British Grassland Society (2016-2020)

Editor, Animal: an international journal of bioscience



I have a background in animal science and grazing ecology and specialise in developing and testing management strategies for upland systems. My research interests include: species and breed differences in diet selection and ingestive behaviour, conservation grazing, nutrient supply from forages, greenhouse gas emissions from grazing animals, and the bio-energy potential of semi-natural grasslands.  I have worked with a range of animal species (sheep, cattle, goats, ponies, deer, South American camelids) and pasture types (cultivated, improved permanent pasture and semi-natural grass and heath communities), as well as fresh and ensiled alternative forages (high WSC grasses, forage legumes, brassicas, pulses and bi-crops), to deliver a range of products (meat, fibre, habitats and biorenewables).  


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Corton, J, Donnison, I, Ross, A, Lea-Langton, A, Wachendorf, M & Fraser, M 2021, 'Impact of vegetation type and pre-processing on product yields and properties following hydrothermal conversion of conservation biomass', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 137, 110462.
Fraser, M, Vallin, H, Davies, JRT, Rowlands, GE & Chang, X 2021, 'Integrating Narcissus-derived galanthamine production into traditional upland farming systems', Scientific Reports, vol. 11, 1389.
Roberts, BP, Neal, M, Snooke, N, Labrosse, F, Curteis, T & Fraser, M 2020, 'A bespoke low‐cost system for radio tracking animals using multi‐rotor and fixed‐wing unmanned aerial vehicles', Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Fraser, M 2020, 'Back to the future: How do we make the most of Welsh upland permanent pasture?', Paper presented at Resilience in the Welsh Uplands - An Evidence Perspective, 14 Sep 2020 - 18 Sep 2020.
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