Dr Mina Davies-Morel

BSc Nottingham, PhD Aberystwyth

Dr Mina Davies-Morel


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After her PhD Mina was awarded the Animal Health Trust Wooldridge farm livestock personal post-doctoral scholarship to continue her research at the University. As a member of staff of the Welsh Agricultural College she set up the Equine Department and courses. Since joining the University Mina has headed up the equine courses, she attained a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2005, a University teaching excellence award in 2010 and a Higher Education Academy Senior Fellowship Award in 2014.
Mina has held external examiner/adviser positions in numerous Universities. Mina has published widely in the scientific and popular press in addition to 3 text books. Mina has been a horse owner and rider since childhood and has a particular interest in Welsh Pony's and Cobs.



Mina's prime research interest lies in embryo mortality in farm livestock, particularly the mare. In particular she carries out collaborative work with veterinary surgeons into factors affecting embryo mortality, multiple ovulations, multiple pregnancies, follicle size, ovarian competence, previous pregnancies, infection etc. Also factors affecting thoroughbred race performance, gestation length, date of birth etc. Research students MSc, MPhil and PhD.


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