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Dr Michael Rose


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I am an animal scientist with a particular interest in ruminants. I graduated in 1989 with a degree in Animal Science and followed this with a PhD in 1993, where I investigated the extent of the milk yield response of dairy cows to bovine somatotropin. Following this I worked in the National Institute of Grassland and Livestock Research, Tsukuba, Japan, for several years as a research officer, where I studied the metabolic endocrinology of dairy cows. I moved to Aberystwyth University in 2000. My particular interests are the health of ruminants, how ill health can be prevented, and good health optimised.

From 2015 until the present, I have acted as Director of Learning and Teaching for IBERS, and I am responsible for the learning and teaching activities in IBERS.



I am interested in the physiology and health of ruminants, but especially dairy cows. I am working with others on the development of precision livestock agriculture of ruminants, in order to determine the heath and production of ruminants from various unobtrusive devices that can be fitted to their bodies - these include accelerometers, GPS units and others – with the aim of improving the welfare and health of ruminants on farms. I am also on the management team of ‘Future Foods’, a Welsh Government, University and Welsh business grouping to facilitate the use of IBERS' research for the economic advantage of food related businesses in Wales. Additionally, I am part of the supervisory team to develop cell culture based in vitro meat.


In addition to being the Director of Learning and teaching for IBERS, I manage the MSc Livestock Science scheme. I teach on a number of modules that relate to animal nutrition, animal production as well as the ethics of animal use.