Mr Markku Farrell

Mr Markku Farrell

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Humphreys, M, Doonan, J, Boyle, R, Camargo-Rodriguez, A, Marley, C, Williams, K, Farrell, M, Brook, J, Gasior, D, Loka, D, Collins, R, Marshall, A, Allen, D, Yadav, R, Dungait, JAJ, Murray, PJ & Harper, J 2018, 'Root imaging showing comparisons in root distribution and ontogeny in novel Festulolium populations and closely related perennial ryegrass varieties', Food and Energy Security, vol. 7, no. 4, e00145.
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Humphreys, MW, O'Donovan, SA, Farrell, MS, Gay, AP & Kingston-Smith, AH 2014, 'The potential of novel Festulolium (2n=4x=28) hybrids as productive, nutrient-use-efficient fodder for ruminants', Food and Energy Security, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 98-110.
Humphreys, M, Farrell, M, Detheridge, A, Scullion, J, Kingston-Smith, A & O'Donovan, SA 2013, Resilient and multifunctional grasslands for agriculture and environmental service during a time of climate change. in Á Helgadóttir & A Hopkins (eds), The Role of Grasslands in a Green Future: Threats and Perspectives in Less Favoured Areas. European Grassland Federation, pp. 335-337.
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