Dr Maurice Bosch

Dr Maurice Bosch

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I received my PhD at the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, in 2002 on a thesis entitled A Functional Study of Pistil-Specific Proline-Rich Glycoproteins under supervision of Titti Mariani. For my first postdoctoral work I moved to the US to join the lab of Peter Hepler (University of Massachusetts, Amherst).

In Peter's lab I further developed my research interest in studying structural cell wall components and cell wall dynamics. My research focused on the regulation of cell wall pectin dynamics by the enzyme pectin methylesterase using pollen tubes as a model system.

In 2005 I joined the lab of Noni Franklin-Tong in Birmingham and studied the temporal and spatial activation of caspase-like activities essential for the execution of Programmed Cell Death induced in self incompatible Papaver pollen.

In April 2008 I moved to Aberystwyth to join IBERS at Aberystwyth University.

My research involves two different areas: Plant Cell Wall Biology and Self-Incompatibility

Plant Cell wall related work mainly focuses on the identification of the molecular and biological features underpinning cell wall recalcitrance to sugar release, and elucidating how different environmental conditions affect cell wall related traits relevant for plant growth and development, biorefining, and ruminant digestion.

Research on Self-Incompatibility (SI) aims at increasing mechanistic understanding of SI in plants and identification of the genetic components controlling SI in grasses.


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  • Rakesh Bhatia; Ricardo da Costa; Lori Fisher; Research Groups


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