Dr Malcolm Leitch

Dr Malcolm Leitch

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A flexible quantitative methodology for the analysis of gene-flow between conventionally bred maize populations using microsatellite markersRobson, P. R. H., Kelly, R., Jensen, E. F., Giddings, G. D., Leitch, M., Davey, C., Gay, A. P., Jenkins, G., Thomas, H. & Donnison, I. S. 2011 In : Theoretical and Applied Genetics.122, 4, p. 819-82911 p.
Factors affecting rates of cross-pollination in maize growing under typical UK conditions RG0124Robson, P. R., Kelly, R., Jensen, E. F., Davey, C., Gay, A. P., Thomas, H., Donnison, I. S., Leitch, M., Warren, J. M., Giddings, G. D. & Jenkins, G. 2011 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. (DEFRA Report 2011)
Spatial arrangement affects growth characteristics of barley-pea intercropsMusa, M., Leitch, M. H., Iqbal, M. & Sahi, F-U-H. 2010 In : International Journal of Agriculture and Biology.12, 5, p. 685-6906 p.
Effect of agronomic practices on the development of Septoria leaf blotch and its subsequent effect on growth and yield components of wheatAnsar, M., Cheema, M. N. & Leitch, M. H. 2010 In : Pakistan Journal of Botany.42, 3, p. 2125-213814 p.
Relative efficacy of organic manures in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)Ofosu-Anim, J. & Leitch, M. H. 2009 In : Australian Journal of Crop Science.3, 1, p. 13-197 p.
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