Prof Michael Hall

Prof Michael Hall

Emeritus Professor


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  • University Governor
    • Chairman, Estates Advisory Group


Perception and transduction of hormonal signals in plants, especially ethylene and cytokinins. Protein kinases, monomeric G-protein cascades, MAP kinase cascades. Responses of plants to abiotic stress, particularly metabolic profiling of saline-treated plants.


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Sivakumaran, A, Akinyemi, A, Mandon, J, Cristescu, SM, Hall, M, Harren, FJM & Mur, L 2016, 'ABA Suppresses Botrytis cinerea Elicited NO Production in Tomato to Influence H2O2 Generation and Increase Host Susceptibility', Frontiers in Plant Science, vol. 7, no. N/A, 709.
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