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Isolation and characterization of novel lipases/esterases from a bovine rumen metagenomePrivé, F., Newbold, C. J., Kaderbhai, N. N., Girdwood, S. G., Golyshina, O. V., Golyshin, P. N., Scollan, N. D. & Huws, S. A. 2015 In : Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology.99, 13, p. 5475-5485
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Co-expression of lupanine hydroxylase and pyrroloquinoline quinone 2 leads to assembled and active recombinant lupanine hydroxylase in the 3 Escherichia coli periplasmStampolidis, P., Kaderbhai, N., Bryant, D., Winters, A., Gallagher, J. & Kaderbhai, M. A. 2013 In : Archives of Microbiology.
Presence and role of a second disulphide bond in recombinant lupanine hydroxylase using site-directed mutagenesis with 143 Cys -> Ser mutant and 124,143 Cys -> Ser mutations in Escherichia coliStampolidis, P., Kaderbhai, N. N. & Kaderbhai, M. A. 2012 In : FEMS Microbiology Letters.334, 1, p. 35-439 p.