Dr Sebastian McBride

PhD, BSc

Dr Sebastian McBride

Lecturer in Biological Science

Department of Life Sciences

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Dr Sebastian McBride is a Liverpool (BSc.) and Edinburgh (PhD.) graduate who first took up a lectureship position at Aberystwyth in 1996 in what was the Institute of Rural Sciences. He left the Institute in 2005 to extend his research interests in cognitive robotics in the Department of Computer Science (Aberystwyth) and then cognitive neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. He has returned to Aberystwyth University in 2016 to take up an appointment as lecturer in Biosciences.

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All undergraduate and postgraduate appointments can be made via my appointment calendar accessible here.


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Dr Sebastian McBride is involved in a number of research projects based around cognition and the neurophysiological control of behaviour. In particular, he is currently working on: animal cognition markers of human neurodegenerative disease, neurophysiological mechanisms underpinning repetitive behavioural disorders and cognitive enrichment in farm and captive animal species.


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