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Dr Sue Lister

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Near infra-red reflectance spectroscopy. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of near infra-red spectra from forages and seed crops using a wide range of mathematical and statistical techniques.


Integrating a newly developed BAC-based physical mapping resource for Lolium perenne with a genome-wide association study across a L. perenne European ecotype collection identified genomic contexts associated with agriculturally important traitsHarper, J., de Vega, J., Swain, S., Heavens, D., Gasior, D., Thomas, A., Evans, C., Lovatt, A., Lister, S., Thorogood, D., Skot, L., Hegarty, M., Blackmore, T., Kudrna, D., Byrne, S., Asp, T., Powell, W., Fernandez-Fuentes, N. & Armstead, I., 2019 , In : Annals of Botany. mcy230.
Evaluation of microbial communities associated with the liquid and solid phases of the rumen of cattle offered a diet of perennial ryegrass or white cloverBowen, J., McCabe, M. S., Lister, S., Cormican, P. & Dewhurst, R. J., 2018 , In : Frontiers in Microbiology.9, 2389.
An edge in combating diabetes with pearl milletKam, J., Lister, S., Pierre, S., Yadav, R. & Yadav, R., 2016 .
Development of rapid and high throughput protocols to extract slowly, rapidly digestible and resistant starch from pearl millet grainsPierre, S., Kam, J., Lister, S. & Yadav, R., 2016 .
Use of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict individual and total fatty acid content of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne)Morgan, S., Huws, S., Tweed, J., Sanderson, R., Lister, S. & Scollan, N., 2016 , p. 55.
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