Dr Stephen Chapman

2017 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2016 Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2011 – 2015 PhD Systems Biology, University of Manchester 2004 – 2008 BSc (Hons.) Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Salford

Dr Stephen Chapman

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Hi, Shwmae!

I'm Steve, originally from Manchester, now living in Wales. I enjoy surfing, SUP, mountain biking and swing dancing. There are days that I can do all these things in a single day.


Module Coordinator
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I have co-ordinated, and continue to teach on 20 credit MSc modules all relating to industrial biotechnology, from how plants are bred fit for industrial purpose, how these crops are converted to a variety of bio-based products, the drivers of the bioeconomy that support the use of biomass in todays society and how 'waste' biomass can be valorised to its full potential in a bio-based economy.


I'm a systems biologist by training, this means I build mathematical models then validate these models with experiments. My PhD was spent researching how photosynthesis in micro-algae was regulated as a result of environmental stress. I am now researching Miscanthus and performing bioinformatic analysis to predict regions of the genome that account for drought tolerance.Chapman S.P., Paget C. M., Johnson G.N., Schwartz J-M. (2015); Flux balance analysis reveals acetate metabolism modulates cyclic electron flow and alternative glycolytic pathways in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Frontiers in plant science. 6.