Mrs Sian Jones

Mrs Sian Jones

Senior Research Technician


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Jensen, E, Shafiei, R, Ma, XF, Serba, DD, Smith, DP, Slavov, GT, Robson, P, Farrar, K, Thomas Jones, S, Swaller, T, Flavell, R, Clifton-Brown, J, Saha, MC & Donnison, I 2020, 'Linkage mapping evidence for a syntenic QTL associated with flowering time in perennial C4 rhizomatous grasses Miscanthus and switchgrass', GCB Bioenergy.
Bustamante, MA, Nogués, I, Jones, S & Allison, G 2019, 'The effect of anaerobic digestate derived composts on the metabolite composition and thermal behaviour of rosemary', Scientific Reports, vol. 9, 6489.
Jeffery, S, Memelink, I, Hodgson, E, Jones, S, van de Voorde, TFJ, Bezemer, TM, Mommer, L & van Groenigen, JW 2017, 'Initial biochar effects on plant productivity derive from N fertilizations', Plant and Soil, vol. 415, no. 1-2, pp. 435-448.
Jensen, E, Robson, P, Farrar, K, Thomas Jones, S, Clifton-Brown, J, Payne, R & Donnison, I 2017, 'Towards Miscanthus combustion quality improvement: the role of flowering and senescence', GCB Bioenergy, vol. 9, no. 5, pp. 891-908.
Hodgson, E, James, A, Rao Ravella, S, Thomas Jones, S, Perkins, W & Gallagher, J 2016, 'Optimisation of slow-pyrolysis process conditions to maximise char yield and heavy metal adsorption of biochar produced from different feedstocks', Bioresource Technology, vol. 214, no. N/A, pp. 574-581.
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