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Characterisation of the microbiome along the gastrointestinal tract of growing turkeysWilkinson, T., Cowan, A., Vallin, H., Onime, L. A., Oyama, L. B., Cameron, S., Gonot, C., Moorby, J., Waddams, K., Theobald, V., Leemans, D., Bowra, S., Nixey, C. & Huws, S., 2017 , In : Frontiers in Microbiology.8, 1089.
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Achievements and impact of the Collaborative Oat Research Enterprise (CORE)Tinker, N. A., Jackson, E. W., Snyder, S., Tiede, T., Azar, C., Babiker, E., Beuch, S., Bjørnstad, Å., Ceplitis, A., Chao, S., Cowan, S., Dumlupinar, Z., Esvelt Klos, K., Fetch, T., Harrison, S., Howarth, C., Hu, G., Huang, Y-F., Isidro Sanchez, J., Jellen, R., Kolb, F., Langdon, T., Ma, B., Maughan, J., McCartney, C., McMullen, M., Miller, S., Mitchell Fetch, J., Paczos-Grzęda, E., Peng, Y., Prats, E., Ren, C., Singh, J., Sorrells, M. E., Tumino, G., Vallenback, P., Wight, C. P., Winkler, L. & Zwer, P., 2016 , 18 ed.Oat Newsletter. 26 p.
Effect of oat grain variety on methane emissions from mature sheepMoorby, J. M., Fleming, H. R. & Cowan, S. A., 2014 , p. 861. 1 p.
Crops that feed the world 9. Oats- a cereal crop for human and livestock feed with industrial applicationsMarshall, A. H., Cowan, A. A., Edwards, S., Griffiths, I. M., Howarth, C. J., Langdon, T. & White, E., 2013 , In : Food Security.5, 1, p. 13-3320 p.
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