Prof William Haresign

BSc, PhD Nottingham

Prof William Haresign

Emeritus Professor

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Will obtained a BSc in Animal Science from the University of Nottingham in 1971. He then studied for a PhD in Animal Physiology at Nottingham, undertaking research on the induction of out-of-season breeding in sheep, before being appointed to a Lectureship in Animal Production in 1974. He was subsequently promoted to Senior Lecturer in Animal Production in 1988 and to Reader in Animal Production in 1994, before transferring to the Institute of Rural Sciences (now IBERS), Aberystwyth University in 1996 as Professor of Agriculture.


Will has undertaken a considerable volume of research work on sheep reproduction, sheep breeding, the development of AI and embryo transfer in sheep. Since moving to Aberystwyth, he has established a Wales Spin-Out company, CBS Technologies (now trading as Innovis), which now provides AI, embryo transfer, scrapie genotyping, ultrasound scanning of carcass composition and general breeding advice to the UK sheep industry.


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