Data Processing Schedule

This table lists processes run by BIS during the academic year. 

Dates of Term are available on the Dates of Term page.  


Date            Day             Process Type Process Description
30-May-20 SATURDAY MODULES Lock modules for current academic year
02-Jun-20 TUESDAY GTTR Enable transfer of GTTR records to AStRA
26-Jun-20 FRIDAY IEC Create 2021 records for Language and Learning students continuing into next acad year.
26-Jun-20 FRIDAY UG Disable Module Registration updates on form STF052 for Status F,T,V,E students
27-Jun-20 SATURDAY PG, PGCE, UG, CE Start using both 2019/20 and 2020/21 records for IS access - UG, PG, CE, LC
30-Jun-20 TUESDAY UG Start daily transfer of new UCAS UFZ UG records to Students system
01-Jul-20 WEDNESDAY UG Contact AQRO re amending/deleting records for returning resit students
01-Jul-20 WEDNESDAY PG Update PG records to Progress 5 (PG DL)
02-Jul-20 THURSDAY DL (UG) Roll forward UG DL students to 2021
03-Jul-20 FRIDAY ADMIS IB Results released
09-Jul-20 THURSDAY UG, PG, PGCE UG, PG and PGCE Final Year students results released on the web
09-Jul-20 THURSDAY UG Insert completion details for completed UG finalists
09-Jul-20 THURSDAY UG Run script to identify possible Finalist resit students and give them IS Access until 25th September
09-Jul-20 THURSDAY PG Update Completion Dates for PG, UCRT and PGCE
14-Jul-20 TUESDAY PG Check Schemes records then run script to create 2020/2121 records for returning PGs (including DLs)
14-Jul-20 TUESDAY STUDENTS Roll forward UG student records for Franchises/Partnerships
16-Jul-20 THURSDAY UG UG Non-finalist and DL students results released on the web
16-Jul-20 THURSDAY UG Update completion details for completed NQUG finalists
16-Jul-20 THURSDAY STUDENTS Roll forward UG student records for Franchises/Partnerships
16-Jul-20 THURSDAY UG Update completion details for completed NQPG finalists
17-Jul-20 FRIDAY STUDENTS Archive and roll forward Modules and Study Schemes and Programme Specifications to 2021/22
20-Jul-20 MONDAY STUDENTS Archive and roll forward Modules for Lifelong Learning to 2021/22
22-Jul-20 WEDNESDAY DL (UG) Set DL payment method
28-Jul-20 TUESDAY HESA Extract and start processing of Student HESA data
30-Jul-20 THURSDAY MODULES Lock modules for current academic year at 4pm
30-Jul-20 THURSDAY UG Create Semester R resit student modules
31-Jul-20 FRIDAY ALL Default Academic Year on AStRA forms changes to 2020/2121
05-Aug-20 WEDNESDAY UG Update completion details for non August resit student finalists
05-Aug-20 WEDNESDAY STUDENTS Clear Cascade Overrides and Resit Infs
07-Aug-20 FRIDAY ADMIS *** JCQ EMBARGO START *** - Disable UG transfers to AStRA
07-Aug-20 FRIDAY ADMIS Run Admissions processes to download A Level results
12-Aug-20 WEDNESDAY UG FIN Create invoices for students resitting in August.
13-Aug-20 THURSDAY ADMIS A-Level Results Day
14-Aug-20 FRIDAY STUDENTS Stop Provisional Registration confirmation emails
17-Aug-20 MONDAY UG Create August Resit Exam File and turn on to email Registry
26-Aug-20 WEDNESDAY STUDENTS Activate Cascade Calculator on Student Web Client for resitting finalists
06-Sep-20 SUNDAY LLL Create 2021 records for returning CHE/DIPHE students (excluding R900CE)
09-Sep-20 WEDNESDAY UG Insert Core Modules for new UGs
14-Sep-20 MONDAY UG Release marks for Resit students
14-Sep-20 MONDAY UG Delete student records who are out of resit opportunities
14-Sep-20 MONDAY HESA Student HESA submit deadline
15-Sep-20 TUESDAY UG Update completion details for successful resit student finalists
16-Sep-20 WEDNESDAY UG/PG Access to on-line registration system starts just after midnight tonight for returners
20-Sep-20 SUNDAY HESA Student HESA commit deadline
25-Sep-20 FRIDAY UG IS Access ends for Finalist Resit students
28-Sep-20 MONDAY UG Non Registered UGs sent warning email - IS accounts to be locked if not registered in 2 days
30-Sep-20 WEDNESDAY UG Turn off access to the on-line registration system at 5pm
30-Sep-20 WEDNESDAY UG Update completion details for resit student finalists
01-Oct-20 THURSDAY UG Non Registered UGs - IS accounts locked
05-Oct-20 MONDAY ADMIS Admissions systems to be archived ready for 2021 entry processing (Mon to Wed).
12-Oct-20 MONDAY WEB Turn on Internal Resit option and email students
26-Oct-20 MONDAY WEB Email students final internal resit reminder
27-Oct-20 TUESDAY UG Update UG non-attenders to progress 8
29-Oct-20 THURSDAY HESA Student  HESA Last Submission deadline
30-Oct-20 FRIDAY UG Run scripts to populate st_nov_stats table
31-Oct-20 SATURDAY STUDENTS Update resit fee flag for Internal Resits
31-Oct-20 SATURDAY UG Run scripts to populate HESES tables and do extracts
03-Nov-20 TUESDAY UG Set Final year marker for UG students
06-Nov-20 FRIDAY HESA Sign-Off Deadline for HESA Aggregate Offshore return
10-Nov-20 TUESDAY ALL NSS - process and submit data extract to IPSOS
11-Nov-20 WEDNESDAY UG Run the exams file for previous year's sandwich and abroad modules
19-Nov-20 THURSDAY UG Stop Resits Processing in STF019
19-Nov-20 THURSDAY All Process STARJ *J file from UCAS
25-Nov-20 WEDNESDAY PG Create Exam snapshot for December Exam Board
03-Dec-20 THURSDAY PG Release PG marks and class and UG (for semester T)
08-Dec-20 TUESDAY PG Write off taught PGs: Update progress for Taught PGs after December exam board
08-Dec-20 TUESDAY DL Roll forward PG DLs to Progress 5
31-Dec-20 THURSDAY ALL Run Equalities Stats Extracts
06-Jan-21 WEDNESDAY UG Create Semester 1 exam file
12-Jan-21 TUESDAY ALL Electoral Roll - Termly update to Ceredigion
20-Jan-21 WEDNESDAY UG Create cascade mark records
18-Feb-21 THURSDAY UG Set dates for Graduation task on student web client
18-Feb-21 THURSDAY UG Release Part 1 Marks
22-Feb-21 MONDAY DL Roll forward DL with final year marker to Progress 5
25-Feb-21 THURSDAY UG Release Part 2 Marks
01-Mar-21 MONDAY PG Update completion dates for UG and Taught PG Completers
29-Mar-21 MONDAY UG Check graduation task live on student record
02-Apr-21 FRIDAY ALL Electoral Roll - Termly update to Ceredigion
05-Apr-21 MONDAY SCHEMES Lock Study Schemes for Pre Registration
05-Apr-21 MONDAY UG Roll forward UG student records
19-Apr-21 MONDAY UG Pre registration starts - activate email
20-Apr-21 TUESDAY UG, PG Amend online exams locked accounts script
27-Apr-21 TUESDAY UG Teaching Activity data exported to Scientia and locked
10-May-21 MONDAY UG, PG Create semester 2 exam file
30-May-21 SUNDAY MODULES Lock modules for current academic year