Study abroad

A ship sailing into Sydney harbour

Aberystwyth University offers you an exciting range of options to go overseas as part of your degree: from short courses and volunteering opportunities in the summer, to a full semester or year abroad studying your chosen subject at one of our partner universities.

All students are eligible for short programmes abroad and students on most degree schemes are eligible for study abroad. If you are studying a degree with an integrated industrial year, such as Mathematics or Data Science, you can choose to spend some or all of your industrial year abroad to complete your placement.

Reports have shown that students who study abroad are more attractive to employers and earn more than their peers. Time spent exploring a new culture can enhance your interpersonal and communication skills, improve your language ability, and broaden your mindset. Why not take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime while improving your critical and thinking skills by choosing to study abroad?

Find out where you can go as a student in the Department of Mathematics.