Staff and students from the Department of Mathematics work together to engage with communities outside the University.

Schools Engagement

Members of the department frequently interact with local schools, hoping to both entertain and inform local schools and colleges with visits based on a variety of topics.

We offer the following talks and activites to interest and engage students and teachers; they can be tailored to different age groups, and made relevant to the appropriate syllabus.

  • Why study Mathematics?
  • Along Came a Spider (pure mathematics talk on summing infinite series of numbers)
  • The Mathematics of Soap Bubbles (applications of mathematics in solving geometrical problems; can involve calculus)
  • Non-periodic tiling (Is it possible to tile an infinite plane with a pattern that never repeats? Uses ideas about symmetry and recursion)
  • Mathematical Harmonies (the mathematics of music)
  • Mathematics in Sport (why is geometry and mechanics important in football and rugby? How can algebra and calculus help with optimising race strategy in motor racing?)
  • Non-transitive Dice (using probability to explore the idea of transitivity)
  • Fractals (what is the dimension of a shape? Application of fractions and/or logarithms to geometry)

Please contact us for further details, or to ask about other possible presentations

"Match-a-mathics" App

Our match-a-mathics app is a free game that allows you to learn and revise important concepts in mathematics. The idea comes from the children's matching card game, in which you search for pairs, but here you must first find the mathematical link between the cards. Particular subjects covered include algebra, calculus, geometry and probability, and the questions are aimed at A-level standard. You can play on your own or compete with a friend to see who has the best maths knowledge.‌

Get it for Android on Google Play and for iPhones on iTunes.