Seals reveal age of Antarctic water for first time

01 July 2024

The age of water in the Antarctic is being revealed by seals for the first time.

Using storytelling to preserve local memories in Myanmar

02 July 2024

Underground educators in war-torn Myanmar are using community storytelling to recapture their histories and celebrate ethnic identities, thanks to a project led by one of our academics.

Melting of Alaskan glaciers accelerating faster than thought

02 July 2024

Melting of glaciers in a major Alaskan icefield has accelerated and could reach an irreversible tipping point earlier than previously thought, new research suggests.

New investment policy to work towards net zero

03 July 2024

Aberystwyth University’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint has taken a further step forward this week with the publication of its new investment policy.

Ukraine war: Russia toughens up draft law to round-up more people for the frontlines

04 July 2024

Writing in The Conversation, Dr Ana Mahon from the Department of International Politics discusses Russia's efforts to close military conscription loopholes.

Fresh focus for innovative University technology centre

05 July 2024

In a world increasingly reliant on wireless technologies - from smart phones to intelligent farming, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, healthcare and much more - mid Wales could help meet the challenges of a new industrial revolution according to an internationally respected expert in the field of radio spectrum engineering.

Aberystwyth University announces 2024 Honorary Fellows

09 July 2024

Remarkable individuals who have excelled in sport, science, the arts, business, and the third sector will be honoured at this summer’s graduation ceremonies.

Labour is divided over Israel and Palestine – as prime minister, Keir Starmer has a difficult line to tread.

09 July 2024

Writing in The Conversation, Dr James Vaughan from the Department of International Politics examines the challenges faced by the new Prime Minister to bridge the divisions in Labour over Israel and Palestine.

Largest ever global air sampling maps fungal spread

10 July 2024

Mushrooms and other fungi spread their spores in a more localised way than once thought and more similar to how animals and plant species migrate, new research has found.

Excellent results for Aberystwyth University in UK wide student survey

10 July 2024

Aberystwyth University is the top university in Wales for student satisfaction for the ninth year in a row according to the latest survey of students’ opinions on the quality of their courses.

New projects to support UK coastal community communities

12 July 2024

Aberystwyth academics will play a key role in new efforts to improve the resilience of UK coasts.  

Aberystwyth University project to study climate action in the Amazon

11 July 2024

An Aberystwyth academic is leading an international team to explore the position of the Amazon Rainforest in climate politics and its place in the academic study of international relations.

Plaid Cymru’s electoral success sets stage for 2026 Senedd election

11 July 2024

Writing in The Conversation, Dr Anwen Elias from the Department of International Politics discusses how Plaid Cymru has emerged from the general election with increased voter support and wins in target constituencies.