Physics Museum

Welcome to the Aberystwyth University Physics Museum. The museum houses many historical pieces of experimental equipment mainly focused on optics, electronics and magnetism, some of which dates back the 18th century. This includes what is possibly the world's longest running experiment, The Pitch Drop Experiment. Originally set-up by G.T. R. Evans on April 23rd, 1914.

You can visit the different collections by following the links below.

Only a small selection of the collections will be on show at any one time as our public displays are rotated regularly.

Where possible, we have tried to attribute a date and maker to each piece in the museum. However, this has not always been possible as some pieces do not have maker's marks or identifying marks of any kind and the original documentation has been lost during the relocation of the Universities Physics Department to the Penglais campus.

For further information about pieces held in this museum, please contact the Department of Physics.