Prof Alan Chamberlain BA Hons, MSc, PhD

Prof Alan Chamberlain

Visiting Staff

Department of Psychology

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Visiting Professor - Department of Psychology, Aberystwyth University.

Alan has published numerous  academic papers in the field of Human Computer Interaction and has successfully obtained funding for a wide range of research projects, carrying out research with international companies, artists and leading experts across a variety of academic fields. He has been a Visiting Academic at the University of Oxford and Visiting Professor at the world leading Copenhagen Business School, and Aberystwyth University. His research is multidisciplinary, focusing on the ways in which people use and design new technologies, where he employs design oriented ethnographic techniques to research, explore and engage with people. He has led research projects which span the Arts & Humanities, Music, Business, Heritage and Social Enterprises. He is interested in design and innovation, and the application new and emerging technologies to real-world problems as articulated by various communities of practice. 

Whilst visiting Aberystwyth University I am interested in developing multi-disciplinary research projects which span the Art & Humanities, Science, Social Sciences and Technology. Please get in touch.