Dr Jiaqing O PhD in Clinical Psychology (With a Special Interest in Evolutionary Theory) - Australian National University

Dr Jiaqing O

Lecturer in Psychology

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Jiaqing O (OJ) is an evolutionary-minded researcher who is profoundly involved in examining the kinds of (and potential solutions for some of the) modern-day problems deriving from the interactions between humans and their physical/social environment from a multifaceted evolutionary perspective. More specifically, OJ is passionately curious about evolutionary mismatch in the modern world, the evolutionary origins of psychopathology, and evolutionary approaches to environmental psychology.



• Human-environment interactions from a multi-disciplinary evolutionary perspective

• Evolutionary mismatches between prehistorically-adaptive traits and modern environment

• Evolutionary origins of mental disorders

• Effects of natural vs. urban environment on well-being and psychological functioning

•. Evolutionary approaches to environmental psychology

I am certainly happy to collaborate with a wide array of researchers and to supervise a broad range of students, anyone I'd say who is keen and open to be doing a project related to any one of the above-mentioned research domains. On a more personal level, I like to adopt a very honest and respectful dialogue between collaborators/students and myself and if you are keen to work on something related to any one of these research areas and are happy with such an interactive approach, please feel free to contact me.

Office Hours (Student contact times)

  • Wednesday 16.00-17.30
  • Thursday 11.00-12.30



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