Mrs Saffron Passam

BSc (Hons) Single Honours Psychology PhD (In Progress) PGCTHE Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (Distinction) FHEA

Mrs Saffron Passam

Lecturer in Psychology (Responsible for Placement and Study Abroad)

Department Director of Employability

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Saffron is a lecturer in the Psychology Department. Saffron graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2012 with a 1st Class Honours degree in Psychology (Bsc) and has a Post-Graduate Teaching Qualification (PGCTHE). Saffron is a Fellow of the HEA (FHEA) and is close to completing a PhD funded by the Higher Education Academy Mike Baker Doctoral Program.



My research investigates the psychological parameters of student employability utilising a mixed-method approach.

Using a model of self-regulated learning, my PhD project considers the impact of a student's meta-cognitive development, self-efficacy, and motivation in relationship to a measure of employability. The proposition is that, although most students will be aware of an overall goal of being employable, some students will be psychologically better equipped to gradually direct themselves towards this goal throughout their studies and into employment. Thus a student who knows about, and is well practiced in, regulating their own cognitive strategies (meta-cognition), and furthermore believes they can achieve their desired goal (self-efficacy), in addition to holding world-views about knowledge generation which support this growth(epistemological belief), will be more likely to access experiences which support their development of employability throughout their degree.

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Breaking the socio-economic barriers to joining the Civil ServicePassam, S. 2016