Psychology PG – Q&A

  • What PG courses do you offer?
    We offer two schemes: masters by research (MPhil) and research doctorate (PhD). The course code for both is C800
  • How long do these courses take to complete?
    The MPhil is one year full-time (plus one year writing up) and the PhD is three years full-time (plus one year writing up).
  • How much do they cost?
    Fees vary for individual circumstances – please check the current rates here Fees are only due for the registration period, i.e. one year for the MPhil and three years for the PhD (a small fee is payable in the writing up period for access to the library and information systems).
  • Is there any funding?
    The majority of PG students self-fund and student loans are now available for both masters and PhD’s. See here for more details if you live in Wales or England
    There are occasional funding streams for PG study, which are advertised on the Psychology and University webpages. Other schemes such KESS and AberDoc can offer scholarships.
  • What can I research?
    PG research topics generally fall into a wide range of areas usually linked to staff expertise. Currently we have projects being conducted in areas from health to forensic, cognitive and developmental. Please see individual staff profiles if you want to gauge the level of expertise in your chosen topic.
  • Can I study part-time?
    Yes both schemes can be studied part-time.
  • What are the entry requirements?
    Generally, as a minimum we ask for a 2:2 in psychology or related discipline. We can take into account work experience and other qualifications on a case-by-case basis.
  • What do I need to do when applying?
    All applications are made online here You will need to provide two references, a personal statement and a CV. We also ask for a research proposal: approximately 1 page stating what you would like to conduct your research masters degree on,  some background literature, methods, expected findings etc. – so that we can ensure we have sufficient expertise to supervise you. 
  • Will I be given any training? 
    All PG students are required to undertake a number of credits of research training, including research methods and writing skills. The Graduate School delivers these centrally.
  • What about BPS accreditation?
    The Psychology Department at Aberystwyth is accredited by the BPS. However, research degrees don’t lead to further professional accreditation, for example, as a forensic or clinical psychologist. Please see here for details of professional accreditation
  • Can I do a taught Masters?
    No – we only do research degrees at present.
  • Where can I get more information?
    You can access all the information on fees, applying, etc. via the University PG webpage or contact the Director of PG Studies, Dr Gareth Norris (