RBI Services

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We facilitate dialogue with communities, customers and policy-makers involved in knowledge exchange.

Knowledge Exchange Opportunity Development: We support researchers in developing and delivering compelling opportunities for knowledge exchange at all stages of research. 

Community Relationship Development: We build positive relationships and develop networks with organisations and communities that ensure the widest possible impact of our research and knowledge exchange. 

Researcher Engagement: We work with researchers to catalyse new research ideas, improve collaboration and strengthen impact opportunities.

Public Engagement: We support the development of opportunities for researchers to exchange knowledge with the public, creating the broadest possible impact. 

Contact: dialogue@aber.ac.uk


We develop funding and partnerships opportunities to build knowledge exchange activity.

Pre-award Grant Support: We support researchers in developing and submitting proposals to external research funders, managing demand for schemes with an application limit.

Research and Knowledge Exchange Culture: We create a supportive environment and guide others to improve the quality of research and knowledge exchange activity at Aberystwyth University.

Partnership Management: We find and build long-term sustainable relationships with strategic partners. 

Infrastructure Development: We win external grants that fund the space, buildings and programmes that support research, innovation and knowledge exchange. 

Planning, Collecting, Monitoring and Publishing Data: We collect, report and share research outcomes and data using the PURE system, for compliance and strategic planning purposes.

Contact: rdostaff@aber.ac.uk


We ensure funding applications are eligible and competitive. We build researcher capability and research culture for excellence.

Large Grant and Investment Development: We capture large strategic public and private funding to build places and programmes that improve the University's research quality and impact. 

Researcher Skills Development: We train and coach researchers as part of their career development. 

Pre-Award Ethics and Governance: We support the ethical review process for research, as well as due diligence of international collaborative research. 

Grant Capture Portfolio Development: We scan for opportunities, matching our research strengths to funding avenues, and support researchers leading funding applications. 

Contact: business@aber.ac.uk


We negotiate and formalise relationships that ensure the maximum impact from all activities, whilst managing risk.

Contracts: We negotiate and draft contracts which form a legal agreement between the University and other parties, then monitor the obligations each agreed to deliver. 

Asset Utilisation: We develop plans that increase the value obtained from the University’s assets. 

Commercialisation: We advise and support on commercialisation, by which new or improved technologies, products, processes, and services are brought to market using University’s research. 

Subsidiary Development: We channel University knowledge exchange activities and new business incubation through a subsidiary company model. 

Contact: contracts@aber.ac.uk


We guide, monitor and report to ensure the University meets contracted obligations and demonstrates excellence.

Reporting and Responsible Use of Metrics: We ensure that the metrics used to assess the quality of the University’s research outputs and their impact are relevant and true. 

Policy Compliance and Management: We advise and train research project teams on how to deliver grant-funded projects that ensure compliance with fundersregulations. 

Post-Award Ethics and Governance: We advise and train research project teams on how to deliver grant-funded projects that ensure compliance with fundersregulations. 

Post-Award Quality Assurance and Finance: We administer awarded research, innovation and knowledge exchange grants, provide Quality Assurance and best practice advice to ensure that project outcomes meet expectations with minimal risk. 

Monitoring and Governance: We oversee and report to the University Executive on our major grant administration to ensure accuracy, correct governance and full delivery against funder expectations. 

Contact: postaward@aber.ac.uk

Admin, Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications: We support RBI staff to create clear messages to inform, inspire and improve research, innovation and knowledge exchange across all service stages.

Contact: rbicomms@aber.ac.uk

Office Management and Administration: We ensure that RBI staff have the highest quality administrative support for projects, programmes, meetings and events across service stages. 

Contact: drbi@aber.ac.uk

Infrastructure, Data Capture, Systems

We capture data, ensure compliance and support income generating activity using specialised software systems and digital infrastructure.