Contract and Collaborative Research

Aberystwyth University welcomes businesses and external organisations interested in working with academic departments and specific research groups to undertake collaborative research work, using University knowledge and facilities. We also offer a range of contract research services tailored to the needs of client companies. 

There are a variety of specialist financial support schemes available for organisations working with universities and RBI can advise on the possible sources of funding for such projects. 

There are several funding bodies that offer financial support to work collaboratively with researchers at Aberystwyth University. Please visit our funding page to view Translational Research and Knowledge Exchange funding opportunities.  

If you are an Aberystwyth Staff Member and are interested in undertaking Contract or Collaborative Research with a partner, click here to learn more about the process at AU or get in touch with the Business Development Team at RBI - Tel: 01970 622385 Email:  

Contract and Collaborative Research at AU