Visitor Accommodation









Our newly branded Bunkhouse accommodation has up to 90 individual bedrooms starting from £24.00 per person per night

DurationStandard Self-Catered Rate (inc VAT)
1 Night £36
2-14 Nights £30
More than 14 Nights £24


Catered and self-catered options

Complementary WiFi

Complimentary access to state of the art sports facilities including gym and swimming pool

Ideally Situated in the beautiful heart of West Wales


Ideal for



Social and cultural groups

Sports teams





 To make a booking request, please use the Bunkhouse Booking Form below and email it to


For further information see our Bunkhouse Visitor Leaflet and the Bunkhouse Campus Map with CroesoAber Food Outlets

Or get in touch if you have any questions