Learning effectively

Know your degree

How much do you know about the workload and assessment on your degree scheme?

Know your degree: a simple guide to identifying your workload

Network resources

All students have access to the following programs on all Aberystwyth University computers:

  • Inspiration – a mind mapping programme which allows you to link ideas together in a visual concept map
  • Texthelp Read & Write – a text to speech programme so you can hear texts or your own essay read aloud (headphones required).
  • Various free browser plugins are also available on Google Chrome such as:
  • Text to speech: Google text to speech; Balabolka (http://balabolka.en.softonic.com/)
  • Speed read the web with spreed (chrome store)
  • Dictating writing/notes: Voice note 2 (chrome store)

These LinkedIn Learning collections offer short videos and courses which will show you how to boost your productivity with technology:

  • Staying motivated (LinkedIn Learning collection - Please login with your AU email and password)
  • Digital Productivity (LinkedIn Learning collection - Please login with your AU email and password

Learning styles

Your individual learning style refers to the preferential way in which you absorb, process, comprehend and retain information. Learning styles depend on cognitive, emotional and environmental factors, as well as prior experience. Exploring the way you learn can help you to study more efficiently. For example if you are a kinesthetic learner then you probably learn better when you are moving about than when you are just sitting still, so fiddling with a pen, doodling or swinging on a chair may actually help you to concentrate. There are a number of websites that offer learning styles questionnaires and related study strategies.

Essential learning strategies

Note taking: A few essential points on note-taking

Inclusive learning

Inclusive learning

If you have a long standing health condition or a specific learning difference we can offer you advice on enabling technology and individual examination arrangements so that you can reach your full potential and get the good results you deserve.

If you would like further information about our provision for students with disabilities or have specific questions, go to the Accessibility Service web page, contact us by:

Email: accessibility@aber.ac.uk 

Our team of accessibility advisers can advise you on the types of evidence you need to access specific provision within the University.

If you believe you have a specific learning difference or form of neurodivergence we can advise on preliminary screening and private Educational Psychologist Assessment.

Insider tips to learn effectively

Active learning is a key feature of university study, but what does it look like in practice?

The following documents and video will share ideas on how you can turn passive learning into active learning and get the most out of lectures and readings.

Using effective strategies enables you to remember more (with less time invested) and get better marks.