Using technology at Aber

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Utilising AI in the Library: a students guide

This Library Guide will focus on Generative AI. We will examine how students can effectively employ it to maximize their library experience. The guide will also address the limitations as well as the ethical considerations associated with its use.

Aspire - reading lists

A module reading list is usually a list of books and other information resources compiled by the module co-ordinator to support your study of a module. You can find your reading list on Aspire.

Blackboard - Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Blackboard is Aberystwyth University's virtual learning environment (VLE)

Cysgliad - Welsh grammar and spelling software

Cysgliad is a software package that includes the Cysill Welsh-language grammar and spelling checker as well as the Cysgeir collection of dictionaries.

 For information on how to install Cysgliad on your PC go to

Data and statistical analysis software

The University gives you access to programs for data analysis. Staff and students can download the software for free for your own computers from the site Software Available from AU (Logon required)


For students and staff who want to install R on personal computers, you need to download and install R first then download and install RStudio which are both free:


Examples of courses in LinkedIn Learning (Please login with your AU email and password):

LinkedIn Learning

All students have free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform which features over 16,000 expert-led online courses (how do I get started?). These courses can support you to develop a range of skills, from personal development, design, creative activities, study skills, to learning new software. If you're interested in developing your digital skills, we suggest that you start by taking a look at the Digital Skills Collections in LinkedIn Learning.

The Students Digital Champions have also created a number of LinkedIn Learning collections to help students get started (Please login with your AU email and password):

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet application that lets you create and analyse tables of data. It includes the means to perform complex calculations and create impressive graphs to visualise your data.

Office 365 gives access to Microsoft Office:

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an application that lets you create slideshows to support your presentations. It allows you to combine text, images, animations, and other media.

Office 365 gives access to Microsoft Office:

  • including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Lync and Infopath to install free on your own computer (How do I do that?)
  • Presentations and using PowerPoint (LinkedIn Learning collection - Please login with your AU email and password)

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration system that is part of Office 365. It's really useful for communication, collaboration, planning and project development with colleagues across the university.

Microsoft Word

Word is a word-processing application that can be used for writing essays, reports, and range of other types of document.

Office 365 gives access to Microsoft Office:

Office 365 - e-mail, calendar and OneDrive

Panopto - lecture capture

Aberystwyth University uses Panopto software to record lectures. Students can view these recordings via Blackboard. 

Primo - library catalogue

Primo is Aberystwyth University's library catalogue and discovery tool that gives you access to print, e-books, magazines and journals, online databases, newspapers and many more all in one place. You can search for everything the library has to offer from a single search box

Referencing software

Software for referencing is sometimes called bibliographic management software or reference management software. It enables you to keep a database of the sources you use (books, journal articles, websites etc.) when researching your assignments. 


  • Aberystwyth University provides support and training for Endnote users.


TurnItin - e-submission

Aberystwyth University uses Turnitin and Blackboard Assignment for Electronic Submission. In line with the University's E-submission policy, all students must submit all text-based and word-processed work electronically. 

Vevox - polling software

Vevox is Aberystwyth University’s polling tool. Polling can be used in learning and teaching activities as well as meetings to make the session interactive and collaborative with many different possibilities for use

Developing your digital skills

Students have access to numerous resources to support them in developing a broad range of digital skills.

  • Explore resources from the Digital Skills Festival 2023, including sessions on using AI for good, developing a LinkedIn profile, and Excel workshops.
  • The Digital Skills Library contains six collections of resources to help students make the most of technology; from mastering familiar software such as Excel, to utilising digital tools for personal wellbeing.
  • All students also have free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform with over 16,000 expert-led courses, enabling them to develop a range of skills - Please login with your AU email and password.
  • The Digital Skills Collections in LinkedIn Learning will be valuable for students who are particularly interested in developing their digital skills (Please login with your AU email and password).

More information about digital skills

Student Hub

The Student Hub is an online portal for all students. Here you will find links to useful sites, webpages and information together in one place.