E-submission: Senate Committee Reference Guidelines

The Senate met on 4th March 2015 and approved a set of recommendations with regards to e-submission and e-feedback. University staff should note the actions required of them by Senate:

1. That, from the next academic year (Sept. 2015), academic staff be required to receive, grade and return feedback via Turnitin for all text-based English-medium assignments within a 15 working day period. Welsh-medium text-based assignments should continue to be submitted via Blackboard until a Welsh interface is available via Turnitin. All other exemptions to these requirements would remain, as per the current procedure; 

2. That 15 working days be recognised as Monday to Friday when the University is open, with this information added to all staff handbooks and disseminated widely

3. That all undergraduate dissertations be submitted electronically from academic year 2015-16.

Senate Guidelines on e-submission 2015 (PDF)