By joining the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol individuals who are interested in the Coleg’s work may become members of the Coleg’s academic community.  Members will receive information about the Coleg’s latest developments and activities, in addition to details of opportunities that will arise from the Coleg’s schemes.  Four membership categories are available: (i) prospective students, (ii) University students; (iii) University Staff and; (iv) Associates.

Prospective students

Each member of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol will receive a membership number. A membership number is needed when applying for a Scholarships, worth up to £3,000. In addition to this, you will be kept updated with news about the Coleg’s scholarships, events and UCAS fairs.  You can join here.

University students

Students at any Welsh university can become members of the Coleg.  By becoming a member, students of Aberystwyth University will become members of this University’s Branch and there’ll be an opportunity to: 

  • follow Welsh medium modules via Y Porth
  • access a wealth of resources on Y Porth which will support your studies through the medium of Welsh.
  • join a vibrant community of students studying the same subject at other universities.
  • work towards the Coleg’s ‘Language Skills Certificate’.

Students who are Branch Members can nominate a representative to join the Coleg’s Academic Board. This person will represent students of North and West Wales.

Members will also receive the latest news regarding scholarships, conferences, and opportunities and activities offered by the Coleg. 

You can join here.

IMPORTANT  When joining, use a different password to your Aberystwyth University password.

University Staff

The Coleg’s membership scheme is open to all academic, and academic-related staff who wish to become members of the Coleg.

By becoming members of the Coleg, staff members will:

  • become full members of the Unviersity Branch at Aberystwyth Unviersity, and will be able to voice their opinions on the Coleg’s activities through the Branch Chair, who represents the University on the Academic Board. 
  • be eligible to create modules on Y Porth (h.y. role of ‘trainer’ on Y Porth) and access teaching and learning resources which are available on  Y Porth.
  • receive information and be eligible to apply for opportunities offered by the Coleg, such as the Academic Staffing Scheme, the Research Scholarships Scheme and the Strategic Developments and Projects Fund.

Members will also receive the latest news regarding staff development and training workshops, scholarships, conferences, job opportunities and Coleg activities such as launches and national events.. 

You can join here.

IMPORTANT  When joining, use a different password to your Aberystwyth University password.


Associate membership is open to members of the public who wish to join the Coleg. By becoming a member of the Coleg, members will receive regular information about the Coleg’s activies, such as conferences, launches, national events etc.  Further information can be found on the Coleg’s website. 

You can join here