Complaint Form

If you believe that Aberystwyth University has breached the terms of its Welsh Language Standards you may record your complaint on this form. This requires you to provide your personal details and to describe the complaint.

 You can complain to the Centre for Welsh Language Services

  • about Aberystwyth University’s failure to comply with a Welsh Language Standard
  • or if you feel that someone has interfered with your freedom to use the Welsh language in the University.

After receiving your complaint the Centre for Welsh Language Services will contact you within 5 working days to confirm receipt.

Complaint Form

Details of your complaint

You should include as much information as possible in this section.

Note: If you have a photo or a document as evidence you may upload it in the next step of the form

Do you wish to upload a photo or a document as evidence?
Have you already contacted the department or service to draw their attention to this issue?

Details of the complainant

The Centre for Welsh Language Services will only share (internally to AU) the identity of complainants when necessary. These circumstances may include sharing of the information you submit with the department or service that failed to comply with the Standards. In providing your personal details as above, you consent to the University processing your personal details for these purposes. Every complaint is recorded and will be held for three years. It will also be included (in anonymized form) in the annual report to the Welsh Language Commissioner.