Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Welsh Language Standards?

  • The Welsh Language Standards set out how Aberystwyth University is expected to use the Welsh language when offering its services. The public includes staff and students as well as the general public and prospective students in Wales. The service which is provided includes the education provided to students and the administrative provision offered to students, staff and the public. There are 182 Standards that Aberystwyth University must comply with and each Standard describes how specific tasks should be carried out in Welsh. Their purpose is to explain
  • the University's duties
  • the rights of Welsh speakers
  • ensure quality Welsh services

Why is the University implementing Welsh Language Standards?

  • Like many other public bodies in Wales, including all universities,  the University is required to comply with the Welsh Language Standards in accordance with the Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011. The Language Standards were imposed on Aberystwyth University on 1 April 2018 and they have statutory status.

What is the University's view on the Welsh Language Standards?

  • The University aims to create an environment in which all members of the University and the comunity can feel at ease in their chosen language, whether it be Welsh or English, in their dealings with the University, and to understand the distinctive nature of the bilingual society in which they reside. The principles and policies relating to the use of Welsh are embodied in the Welsh Language Standards, the University Charter and the Strategic Plan of the University.

Where can I see a copy of the Welsh Language Standards?

I don't speak Welsh so are the Welsh Language Standards relevant to me?

  • The provisions of the Welsh Language Standards are relevant to all members of the University’s staff and it is important that staff adhere to the requirements of the Standards and ensure that operating according to the Standards becomes an integral and normal part of their every day work.
  • The Centre for Welsh Language Services offers advice on all aspects of the Language Standards; contact us if you are not sure about any aspect.

How can I complain about a failure to comply with the Welsh Langauge Standards?

If you believe that the University has failed to comply with the Standards you can complain by using this form - Complaint Form. You can see our complaints procedure here - Complaints Procedure

Where can I find the Welsh Language Impact Assessment Tool?

You may download the form from here - Welsh Language Impact Assessment Tool. One of these should be filled in when making or revising a policy. The guide may also be of use.

How do I send work for translation?

How do I arrange simultaneous translation?

Guidance on how to do this is here.

How do I find out if someone wishes to receive correspondence from the University in Welsh or bilingually?


  • Correspondence to a group of students should be bilingual. Further information regarding communication with students and the public, in accordance with the requirements of the Welsh language standards, can be found in the 'correspondence' guide.
  • Correspondence from students should be responded to in the same language (e.g. in Welsh, English or bilingually)
  • In terms of corresponding with individual students, there is a record of each student's language choice on the AStRA database and on their student record under 'Personal Details’ ( Please note that correspondence relating to academic content, e.g. the content of a particular module, will only need to be bilingual/Welsh if the module is Welsh-medium or a bilingual module.
  • Where the recipient's language preference is unknown (e.g. prospective students in Wales / students in Wales / public) the initial correspondence should be sent bilingually.


  • Correspondence to a group of staff (e.g. an email from a Service to staff, emails to all staff, an email from a Head to their department) should be bilingual as per the requirements of Aberystwyth University's Policy on the Internal Use of Welsh.
  • In terms of corresponding with individual staff, staff should indicate their preferred language on Aber People – guidelines can be found here. Staff will then receive correspondence relating to their employment (e.g. from Human Resources) in that language. Where the choice of language of an individual recipient (a member of staff) is known it is good practice to send the correspondence in that language.  
  • To facilitate the use of Welsh internally, staff can now include a MailTip on their Outlook profiles to indicate that they speak Welsh or speak some Welsh. It will therefore be possible for other internal staff to see if the recipient speaks Welsh before emailing. Further information on how to add the note below to your Outlook profile can be found on the Information Services (FAQ) pages.

    “Rwy’n siarad Cymraeg / I speak Welsh”
    “Rwy’n siarad rhywfaint o Gymraeg / I speak some Welsh”

The Public

  • Correspondence to a group of people (the public) should be bilingual. Further information regarding communication with the public, in accordance with the requirements of the standards, can be found in the 'correspondence' guide .
  • Correspondence from the public should be responded to in the same language (e.g. in Welsh, English or bilingually)
  • Where the recipient's language preference is unknown the initial correspondence for recipients in Wales should be sent bilingually.
  • The requirements of the Welsh Language Standards (correspondence) do not apply to research (e.g. correspondence between academic staff at different institutions).

I have an urgent message to send to a group of people on email, must I send the message bilingually?

  • All correspondence to a group of people should be sent bilingually every time, and Welsh placed first or to the left of the English. The Translation Unit prioritises the translations of correspondence but if you wish to send the message immediately contact the Centre to explain the situation and to arrange a translation.

Should everything I write be available bilingually?

  • Documents which are distributed widely among the members of the department, University or the public in Wales must be bilingual. The Centre can advise and support if your are not sure what you should do.

Should I answer the telephone bilingually?

  • Every member of staff who is a first point of contact in a department or office should answer the telephone bilingually whether they are able to speak Welsh or not. The greeting and the name of the department should be said in Welsh first and then in English. The guide 'Answering the telephone' explains the procedure which should be followed if you are unable to respond further to a call in Welsh.

What is the procedure for advertising in the media?

  • All advertisements which are created by the University and which appear in the media in Wales should be bilingual with the Welsh appearing on the left to the English or above the English. The advertisement should appear in Welsh only in Welsh language publications.

What rights do students have regarding meetings?

The guide Meetings - students and public describes what Welsh language provision student can expect in meetings. This depends on the number of people who are attending the meeting, and on the subject of the meeting.

Where can I find further information about Welsh classes?

Do the Welsh Language Standards apply to third parties?

If a third party provides a service on behalf of the University then the Standards apply to them as well. See the guide on third parties - Contracts and Tenders.  There is a checklist available for third parties which gives examples of possible activities where the Standards would apply - Welsh Language Standards Checklist for Third Party Providers.  The Welsh Language Commissioner has also developed a guide - Bidding for Contracts and Grants: Welsh Language Considerations.

Does my twitter account have to be bilingual?

There are specific standards that apply to social media. The guide Social Media explains when and how the Welsh language should be considered when tweeting or using any other social media.

Is there support available to help me improve my Welsh language skills?

  • Details regarding improving Welsh sessions may be found here.

I am a member of staff and I wish to attend Welsh classes, must I pay?

Information regarding which staff are eligible to be considered under the fee waiver scheme may be found here.

Where can I get the Working Welsh lanyard/badge which shows that I am able to speak Welsh or am learning Welsh?

  • Working Welsh lanyards are available at the Hugh Owen Library Information Desk.
  • Working Welsh badges are available from the Centre for Welsh Language Services.
  • Remember to wear your lanyard/badge, especially during the University’s open and visiting days and if you work in a reception area.

Where can I get Cysgliad, the Welsh language spelling and grammar software?

Guidance on how to do this can be found here Information Services.

How do I place a Welsh interface on my PC?

Guidance on this can be found here Information Services.

Where can I find help with using my computer in Welsh?

  • Information Services' FAQ page answers various questions about using your computer in Welsh. Click here.