Faye Ap Geraint

Faye Ap Geraint, graduated with a degree in Childhood Studies in 2012. She is currently working as a project officer in the Student Support department at the university.


Why did you choose to study at Aberystwyth University?

As a mature student I chose Aberystwyth University because of the close proximity to my home which meant I was able to study and be a parent concurrently.  Moreover, the reputation of Aberystwyth University persuaded me to study here.

Experiences you would like to share if a mature student

Being a mature student with children it was essential I had support at home from my family. This support, in particular with my pre-school child, was essential to enable me to meet the requirements of the course. I would say there were more pressures being a parent and studying however, the rewards are great. Furthermore, in my experience and those of my mature peers I would say we were a determined bunch of students who had overcome many hurdles to get to University in the first place. Certainly in my case studying for a degree had been an ambition for some time therefore, I enjoyed every moment of it.

About the course

The programme included a variety of aspects from child development to children’s rights. The course incorporated all the aspects I wanted from a degree, to learn about different aspects of childhood across the different modules. The variety of subjects covered means that there is not just one outcome to the course. The lectures are also really engaging and supportive. The new building and facilities are fantastic. Everything is modern and state of the art.

The part I enjoyed most about the course

The assignments throughout the first and second terms improved our reading, understanding and writing skills. The most enjoyable part was the dissertation which enabled me to develop a piece of work based on my own interests developed through the course.  I was really happy and proud when I handed my dissertation in and remember that moment vividly. I could not believe how much knowledge I was gaining from the course. It was a steep learning curve at first but it was surprising how quickly things seemed flow.

Advice which you think students doing the subject would need

Having been out of education for some time I would recommend purchasing some study skills books before starting University. Use this time to increase your study skills which will be most advantageous before you start on an exciting and challenging journey in University.

Do I recommend studying at Aberystwyth University and why

I would definitely recommend Aberystwyth University since I have had the most valuable memories of my life there, made some great friendships along the way, warm supportive local people as well as knowledgeable and supportive staff.