Emily John

Emily JohnAfter 3 years of studying BA Childhood Studies at Picture of EmilyAberystwyth University, I decided it was time to travel. I became interested at the prospect of teaching English when I was writing my dissertation and I researched ways of teaching English as a second language to younger children. Soon after I made the decision, I was accepted onto an internship with a recruitment agency called Echo English. Thereon, I landed a job at a brand new international school in the north of Thailand. The school is called Cranberry International School. 

They were in need a native English speaker with a qualification in Early Childhood Studies. I found a place to live, made some friends and set up a new life in Thailand. Every day, I teach children aged between 2 and 4. ‌I use my degree a great deal when it comes to assessing development and understanding their ways. I teach them in English and every day they pick up new words. It’s a very rewarding job and I get to experience a brand new culture at the same time!