Katie Dodds

Katie Dodds

What made you decide to study at Aber?

The beauty of the location and the friendliness and clarity of the staff made it an easy decision.

What did you think was the best part of your course?

I enjoyed the diversity in modules, giving us tastes of cultural diversity, special educational needs, psychology, human rights and more.

What is your best memory of your time at Aber?

Time with friends is always great and living in a place like Aber means that you feel at home almost immediately as you can't go far without bumping into someone you know.


Why did you particularly enjoy your dissertation? Has it influenced your thinking about your future?

I enjoyed being able to choose a topic I was personally interested in, it gave me the motivation to work hard. The choice for my topic came from an interest I formed in educational cultural diversity during university. I found my interest and my job searches for the future will be along the path of this.