Nicky Cashman

Accessibility Adviser, Student Support Services, Aberystwyth University

I started my employment with Aberystwyth University in December 2008 as a Repository Advisor based in the Hugh Owen Library, after finishing my PhD. Currently, I am working as part of Student Support Services in Aberystwyth University. I meet and communicate with prospective students, current undergraduate students, postgraduates, parents and staff about how to make studies and facilities accessible to people with various disabilities. I look at a huge variety of disabilities and the best reasonable adjustments that can be put in place.

As part of my PhD studies in Aberystwyth, I tutored first year students in American Studies and Contemporary Writing which involved marking essays and on several occasions, giving lectures. Throughout my PhD, I had continual support from the English department and my supervisor. What I learned as a postgraduate tutor stood me in good stead with my current post: I deal with academics, students and management as such. My studies benefit me through my verbal and written communication – creating documents, PowerPoint presentations and general interaction with people. Also, the research skills I have acquired contribute to my day to day activities quite significantly. Hence, I can really say that, all in all, doing my PhD in the English Department has been a fantastic experience: I have thoroughly enjoyed what has proven to be a personally enriching and fruitful three years of study.