The University Logo

Our graphic identity provides a platform for our institutional identity.

 The University logo consists of the shield taken from the University ceremonial crest and the text ‘Prifysgol Aberystwyth University’.

The identity encompasses every aspect of Aberystwyth University. The logo should be used whenever a graphic interpretation of the title Aberystwyth University is required. The logo should only be used for official businesses as defined in the University’s Charter and Statutes. Individuals who are uncertain of whether the use of the logo is appropriate or not should consult with the Creative Marketing and Media Office on

The logo is available and must be reproduced from digital files (JPEG, PNG, EPS etc.) and not from photocopied or pre-printed material, or be redrawn in any way. The logo has been registered for trade protection in the UK and internationally and has been registered as an official trademark.

Full Colour Logo 

White and dark blue logos to be  used on coloured backgrounds. Dark backgrounds require a white logo and light backgrounds require a dark blue logo to create maximum contrast.

Tonal values such as the white and grey will use the black and white logos with full colour shields. These will mainly be used on documents and stationary. Social media is an exception for the coloured shield logo as this is a good opportunity for us to bring through the brand colour(s) e.g. profile pictures.

Downloadable Logos

Basic Rules

It is essential that a consistent use of colour and scaling is maintained throughout all areas of logo application.

No element should interfere with this area.

Imagery can be used behind the logo but must not interfere with the legibility. Relative scaling of the logo to increase or decrease the size is permissible down to but not below, the set minimum width of 30mm or 160 pixels. Manipulation of the logo in a manner which would cause distortion is not allowed.

Minimum Size 

The University logo should never appear below its minimum size which is 25mm wide in printed material or 160 pixels for web / digital. Below this size the text is unreadable.

Shield Only 

In special circumstances it is acceptable to use the shield alone, but approval must be sought from the Creative Marketing and Media Team first. Social media profile icons are an example of this.

Logo Restrictions

Logo Restrictions

The logo must always be used in its original format, no tampering or distortion of any kind is allowed.

Background Imagery

Imagery can be used behind the logo but must not interfere with the legibility. The correct logo must be used depending on the background it is intended to be used on. Common sense dictates that dark text is not legible on a dark background. Avoid placing the logo on images with sharp contrasts in colours.

Awards and Guidance

The University has received many awards in recognition of its teaching quality, research and student satisfaction. Please consider carefully which award(s) to reference where, aligning the award(s) to the relevant subject area and audience. 

If you’re using one of the templates available to download in this web-section, you will notice that the key awards and accolades are already included. 

Further advice and guidance can be obtained by contacting the Creative Marketing and Media Office.


Accolades download 

Good University Guide 2024 (ZIP)

WhatUni 2023 (ZIP)


Ceremonial Crest

The crest was awarded to Aberystwyth University in 1938. The crest is primarily used on ceremonial occasions. As with all heraldic images there are several meanings interlinked in this crest.

The main features are:

  • Two red dragons – symbolising the optimism of Victorian north and south Wales
  • An Open Book – symbolising the world of learning
  • Eagle or Phoenix rising open-winged above a flaming tower – symbolising, perhaps, the rebirth of the College after the fire of 1885

The legend:

‘Nid Byd, Byd Heb Wybodaeth’

‘A World Without Knowledge, is No World’.